A message for our followers


 A message for our followers who we have been unable to contact via email.

A big thank you for following thepatatientoutcomesblog, already within the first month we have had getting on for 2,000 views which is very encouraging.

I just wanted to follow-up with you to let you know that we are currently planning for the next few months a series of posts on topics relating to patient outcomes that will provide you with more insights into issues around PRO assessment and patient adherence.

With both the FDA latest guidelines and the ISPOR Task Force Report on PRO content validity very much in mind, these posts will give you a deeper insight on the:

  • emerging qualitative methods that will help you interpret PRO meaningful change
  • more innovative and effective ways of concept elicitation for your new PRO

With treatment adherence a major problem for the pharmaceutical industry, the posts will also inform you:

  • of the emerging importance of behavioural economics and how this can provide you with deeper understanding into patient non-adherence
  • of the wider views on non-adherence from guest bloggers
  • on what the latest literature is saying on the topic

These are just some of the planned posts for the next months which hopefully you will find of benefit and as a result you will continue to follow us.

 We are also very keen to hear from you and whether there is a particular topic you would like discussed on the blog.

I look forward to your continuing viewing.


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  1. Hi Keith, I have seen you around in many webpages that patients visit and wonder about the message of this blog. What is it? who are your readers? from your posts I would say pharma or health care policy makers…

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