Would you like to contribute to thepatientoutcomesblog?

With close on 2000 views over the past few weeks we would now like to invite guest contributors to our blog to write on a range of health research topics.

Your blogs should be around 500-750 (absolute 1000 max) words in length and written on a topic which fits in with the overall theme of the blog, which is patient reported outcomes and experience. For example we would be interested in contributions on the following:

  • Your views and comments on the different research methodologies used in health research
  • Are patient reported outcome (PRO) instruments a useful adjunct to patient care
  • Are we getting the best from patient experience research to improve patient care
  • How real is Real World Research (RWR)
  • Research data visualisation e.g.  infographics

These are just some examples, the topic is really up to you.

So where do we go from here?

Well, if you are interested, why not email me kmeadows@dhpresearch.com your suggestions and we will take it from there. If we agree then a deadline will be set for your submission.


  • I reserve the right to edit any blog
  • Full credit will be given for every submission
  • When the blog goes live you will be forwarded the link

Look forward to hearing from

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4 replies

  1. Dear Keith,

    I currently do not have comments to contribute for this blog.
    working in critical care, patient outcome is monitored and recoreded. This data is reviewed for trends and whether any improvements can be made. these trends are also discussed at network meetings which are attended by several organisations.

  2. The psychological aspect of diabetes is often ignored. Some of the stress comes about because people with diabetes do not eat the same meals as their family. Preparing two meals as well as feeling separated from family members sometimes leads to frustration. I am an endocrinologist with a website dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with diabetes by providing information about the disease as well as cooking videos that teach healthy cooking. Please let me know specific topics you would like and I will be happy to do a guest blog. I invite you to do a guest blog on my site as well.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your very relevant comment and offer to submit a blog.
      If you could write something around the importance of information and how it’s delivered would be very welcome. 750-100 words would be great.

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