Understanding the impact of living with diabetes

Understanding how people with diabetes live with the condition is one key way of providing better care.

Patient reported outcomes is one way to get more in-depth understanding of how the patient feels. However, it’s important that we ask these questions the right way and that the questions really do mean something to the patient.

AtDHP Research we are doing some research into this and would like to ask for your help by completing our short diabetes questionnaire. It should take only 5 or 6 minutes to complete and your answers will help with our research we are doing on how best to ask people about living with diabetes.

What will we do with data?

When we’ve enough people completing the questionnaire we will start looking for the way people answer the different questions. For example is there one question where everybody agreed or no one agreed at all. Where responses differ depending on whether people are Type 1 or Type 2. From this analysis we can get better idea of the type of question and how we should be asking people with diabetes these questions.

It does not matter whether you’ve Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, we are interested in everyone’s answers.

All answers will of course be confidential. If you have any questions you can of course contact us by email: info@dhpresearch.com  Click here to complete the survey

Please take the time to complete our questionnaire. It will take no more that 5-6 minutes of your time. Click here to complete the survey

Thank you

Please forward this post to someone you know who might be interested in completing the questionnaire.

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