The burden of hypoglycemia – Your perceptions of an unacceptable low blood sugar level.

In a recent article by Gilet et al, perceived hypoglycemia by people with diabetes was assessed through the use of a single item “How often have you felt that your blood sugars have been unacceptably low recently?” This item, taken from the DTSQ resulted in Gilet et al reporting that patients’ responses to this question were, statistically related to their self report of health status where in contrast objectively confirmed frequency of hypoglycemia was not.

While we consider the patient’s own self self-report as to their experiences of hypoglycemia as being  the most important metric – however defined – we were particularly interested in understanding how patients would interpret what is a basically an ambiguous question as well as the possible variability in what is perceived as an unacceptable low blood sugar level by individual patients.

To answer these questions DHP Research set up an online survey asking people with diabetes  to ask how they interpreted this question from the DTSQ.

Several days exist before we finally close the survey down, but initial results do show some variability in what is perceived as an “unacceptable low blood sugar level” as well as what “unacceptable” really does mean?

The focus of our analysis is:

  • The variability in perceived low blood sugar levels by individual people?
  • Are the consequences of this variability?
  • The clarity of the question

We hope to post the results of our survey early next week, so please stay connected.

if you would like to know more about our work with people with diabetes and their quality of life contact  us now at:

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