Measuring the psychological and behaviour impact of peopele with type 1 tpe 2 diabetes

The Diabetes Health Profile (DHP), first published in 1996 (Meadows et al 1996), was one of the first diabetes-specific patient reported outcome (PRO) measures developed to assess the psychological and behavioural outcomes as a result of living with diabetes. The DHP was developed with significant patient and clinical input to represent a model of patient reported outcomes not previously included in other diabetes-specific instruments, such as the disinhibited eating domain.

Sanctioned by the UK Department of Health, the DHP for their Long Term Condition Patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) Programme has been extensively administered across a range of settings including clinical trials, academic research and population and community surveys to more than 10.000 people with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, where it has demonstrated sound psychometric properties and operational performance as well as being highly acceptable to patients.

Available in nearly 30 languages, use of the DHP is supported by a comprehensive user manual and a norm-referenced data set together with information on the minimal important difference (MID). Work is also being conducted to provide a simple and easy to read data visualisation dashboard providing scores by age, treatment and sex.

For information to obtain a license for the Diabetes Health Profile please contact:

Dr David Churchman, Isis Outcomes, part of Isis Innovation Limited, the technology transfer company for the University of Oxford.


To view the Diabetes Health Profile eBook  Click here  The Diabetes Health Profile eBook

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