A Message of Hope – An interview with Philip Gould

Today I’m not posting a blog about patient reported outcomes but, something which is very close to me. A  post somewhat different.

I’ve been rereading Philip’ Gould’s “The Unfinished Revolution.” On 18th September 2011 on The Andrew Marr Show. Marr interviewed Philip Gould, one of the world’s leading political strategists and advisor to Tony Blair behind the labour party’s landslide victory in 1997.

What ever your political colours you wish to pin to the mast, this is one of the most moving interviews of a man who has less than three months to live,  talking about his political beliefs, the striving to bring a labour victory and dominate the political scene for 15 years and then experience the fall in 2010. But, most importantly, is his acceptance of his closeness to death and desire to be in no other place than where here is now. To experience the intensity of life as he looks out the window, the despair of his wife Georgina  and children, but,  wishing to die as the person he is now and in a place he’s now.

I’ve watched this interview many times and can never quite get over the calmness in which he views his current situation.

This was a man of deep caring, intellectualism and above all humility. A man who was attacked by  the popular and “cheap” press for introducing the concept of focus groups as means of understanding what the populace really want from government and politics. Is this so bad?? He listened, and heard what people really wanted.

Don’t take my word for it. Just watch the interview. For me, if I’m as together as Philip Gould was  at that stage of life and with less than three months to live I’ll be very thankful.

to view the interview: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-1496

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