An Essential Guide to Questionnaire Design

Patient self-completion questionnaires are now an essential component in the measurement of patient experience and satisfaction. Executed correctly, they can help you to get a much deeper understanding and insight into the experiences, attitudes and behaviours of your patients, help you and your team to better  connect with your patients and provide improved services.

However, designing a patient survey questionnaire whether it’s to measure patient satisfaction or patient experience is more than simply writing some questions expecting patients to understand them and give reliable and valid answers. Designing a patient satisfaction or experience questionnaire involves  initiating  a relationship with respondents  that stimulates their interest and encourages them to provide the best answers possible.

That’s where DHP Research’s eBook “7 Tips on successful questionnaire design” can help. Written for the health care provider and researcher who wants to know more about questionnaire design best practice, the eBook provides a guide to:

  • Defining your survey objectives7 tips front cover
  • Getting patient input
  • Choosing the right question type
  • Crafting a good question
  • Getting the layout right
  • Piloting and perfecting the questionnaire

To find out more, download a copy of the eBook by clicking on the link here: 7 tips you need to know for successful questionnaire design

Why not book your place for our 19th June workshop “Getting the most out of your health Survey Questionnaire” To find out more and view the programme click on on the link here: Getting the Most from your Health Survey Questionnaire Programme June 19th 2013  Email:

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