Getting the most from your Health Survey Questionnaire

grumpykeithFacilitator: Dr Keith Meadows

Date: 19th June 2013

Duration: 9.45 AM – 4.15 PM

Location: Bloxham Mill Business Centre, Banbury OX15 4FF

Planning to run a patient experience questionnaire survey project, but not sure where you should start?  In this one-day workshop on patient experience questionnaire design through a combination of presentations and practical sessions you will learn to manage the process from beginning to end. Includes how to appraise a patient experience and health questionnaire, best practice for crafting an effective health survey question  as well as tips for pre-testing and how to avoid common mistakes.

This workshop is designed to help you produce effective patient experience and health survey questionnaires that will help you engage more effectively with and give you reliable and valid information about the behaviours, choices, opinions and experiences of your target population.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to select the appropriate data collection methodology: Defining what the required information is and choosing the appropriate methods and techniques to collect accurate information to meet your survey objectives.
  • Choosing the right question type: Understand the differences between open and  close ended questions, rating scales and ranking methods,  their strengths and weaknesses and which technique is best for your survey.
  • How to craft a good survey question: How to engage with the survey respondent, understanding the qualities of a good question to ensure you get reliable and valid information including, avoiding ambiguity and bias, using  the right language, question length  and checking readability, reviewing and revising a questionnaire using the Questionnaire Appraisal System.
  • Pretesting and field testing the questionnaire: The importance of field testing the question do’s and don’ts

Click here to view the day’s programme: Getting the Most from your Health Survey Questionnaire Programme June 19th 2013

Who Should Attend?

This workshop has been developed for the person who wants a better understanding of “best practice” in the design of patient experience and health survey questionnaires. Whether you come from industry, NHS, the third sector or academia and want to engage more effectively, then this is the workshop for you.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 08 48 28Presenter

Keith Meadows is the founder and director of DHP Research and Consultancy Ltd a U.K. based consultancy specialising in patient reported outcome (PRO) measures, patient experience, qualitative research and training. His particular expertise is in the psychological and behavioural impact of living with diabetes and survey design. He is a researcher, writer, speaker, blogger and  author of the Diabetes Health Profile – a patient reported outcome measure used in clinical trials and surveys nationally and internationally.

Keith has held academic posts at the Universities of London, Newcastle and Hull, undertaking research across much of Europe, including Russia, Spain, Scandinavia and the low countries.He participated in the European Research Group on Health Outcomes with the BIOMED I project ‘Harmonised approaches to ambulatory care outcome measurement in Europe’ and the EU-funded project (SCOPE) on providing a quality culture in health care for older people. Keith has over 80 research communications and publications and is a reviewer for a number of leading scientific journals. He also lectures at undergraduate and post graduate level at the Universities of Brighton, London and City.

Cost: £275 + 20% VAT includes light refreshments through the day, a comprehensive take away package incliding the presentation, workshop training materials and 1-hour no-charge email support

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3 replies

  1. Hi Keith:

    Read about your presentation and it sounds very interesting but thought: you’ve not invited the most important part of the team to present…THE PATIENT. I wondered if you have, in your experience, someone that would “qualify” to represent patients from the patients point of view and would be a facilitator of sorts in the process of both answering questions and being able to field questions among the registrants?

    Too bad I live too far away to attend, sounds interesting.

    Elizabeth Rankin BScN

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      This is a very thoughtful suggestion, thank you.
      The particular workshop is very methodologically based hence no patient. I do have plans along these lines for a workshop later in the year which I’m very happy to discuss off-line.
      Again thanks for your comment.

  2. Good article – I was enlightened by the insight – Does someone know if I might be able to obtain a sample PHQ-9 A2663B document to edit ?

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