A Journey of Development – The Diabetes Health Profile

The Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) is a scientifically robust, multidimensional, diabetes-specific, patient self-report outcome measure developed to provide real-world insight into the psychological and behavioural impact of living with diabetes. The DHP assesses the impact of diabetes on everyday social and emotional functioning.

Key facts about the DHP:-

  • The items of the DHP measure 3 distinct constructs –
    • psychological distress,
    • barriers to activity and
    • disinhibited eating
  • Available in two formats, the DHP-1 (32 items) for type 1 diabetes and the DHP-18 (18 items) applicable to both type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
  • Cognitively simple, easy to complete and score
  • Appropriate for ages 16 years and older
  • Supported by a comprehensive user manual, covering subjects such as development process, administration, scoring, psychometric properties, available translations and comprehensive reference list for both the DHP-1 and DHP-18
  • Designed to measure the impact of diabetes in a variety of settings, from clinical practice, population surveys to clinical trials,
  • Used internationally with over 10,000 people diagnosed with diabetes,
  • Has been translated and linguistically validated into 31 different languages for multi-national studies,
  • Has flexibility in administration, with the DHP now available in electronic delivery and capture format – from CRF Health,
  • Recently adopted into the next generation PROMs program as the questionnaire of choice for assessment of diabetes throughout the NHS.

With proven psychometric and operational performance the DHP has a number of distinct advantages over other diabetes-specific measures when assessing the psychological and behavioural impact of living with diabetes. These include:

  • A clearly defined conceptual framework of the measurement model which conforms to the FDA’s Final guidance for Industry on the development and use of PRO measures
  • The measurement of dysfunctional eating behaviour – which, despite its importance in the management of diabetes, is absent in other scales
  • Content reported by patients as highly relevant to living with diabetes
  • Norm referenced database and MID’s


dhp development journey

For more information on the Diabetes Health Profile visit: http://www.diabetesprofile.com

For licensing enquiries visit: www.isis-innovation.com/outcomes/apply

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