Are You Up to Speed When it Comes to Creating a Great Patient Experience Measurement Programme?

nurse-serving-senior-female-patient-meal-hospital-bed-28851147To help cope with the realities of illness patients have an important role to play in communicating the impact of  the effectiveness of their healthcare.

There are a number of national policy drivers such as the Operating Framework 2012/13 and the NHS Outcomes Framework requiring healthcare organisations and professionals to continually measure and improve the experiences of patients by providing a patient-centred healthcare service which meets patients physical and emotional needs. In 2008 the Department of Health announced in their NHS next stage review that payment to hospitals would be conditional on the quality of care patients receive and which would be based on a number of quality indicators including patient experience.

The white paper – Equality and Excellence: Liberating the NHS signalled what is now a reality that GP commissioning consortia – Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) – have responsibility for commissioning the vast majority of NHS care.

Where in the past commissioners tended to rely on the views of a small number of actively engaged  local people and that improving patient experience and involving people in the decision making process seemed to work in parallel with the commissioning process rather than being central to it, now there are many national and local initiatives in which patients experience is central to improving the delivery of healthcare.

Some trust boards and CCG’s etc. may well be looking for external providers for measuring patient experience while others will want to develop in-house capacity. Nevertheless, boards and senior managers need to be aware of the merits and drawbacks of the various methodologies and technologies in obtaining patient experience feedback.

Over the next two-months DHP Research will be publishing a range of material including blogs, ebooks, infographics, PPT, podcasts and tips that will help you in the design and implementation of a patient experience measurement programme. The topics will include:

  • Capturing the Patients Experience: A Guide to Designing an Effective Measurement Programme
  • 5 Practical Tips to Ensure Your Measurement Programme is a Success
  • 7 Ways to Measure Things that Matter Most to Patients
  • Choosing the Methodology That’s Fit for Purpose: 16 Questions You Must Ask
  • How to Improve The Patient’s Experience: A Brief Guide to Experience Based Design

On Thursday 19th September (10.00-12.30) DHP Research will be holding a Free half-day introductory workshop to our series of one-day workshops “Creating A Great Patient Experience” to be held at Bloxham Mill Business Centre, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 4FF

The three workshops are:

  • 16th October:   Capturing the Patient’s Experience: Designing the Measurement Programme
  • 23rd October:   Using Focus Groups and Interviews to Identify the Patient’s Experience
  • 30th October:   Understanding Patients Experience: Approaches to Data Analysis and Presentation

Each workshop is £275+VAT.  £725+VAT for attendance at all three workshops


7 Tips you need to knowClick the image to download our 7-Tips for Successful Questionnaire Design.

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