Can Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measure scores predict patient retention in clinical trials?

Our latest submission to the DIA 2014 Annual General Meeting

Maintaining high levels of patient recruitment, adherence and retention is essential for the successful completion of a clinical trial, yet it remains a significant challenge faced by researchers.  Poor patient adherence and retention can adversely affect a trial by lengthening timelines, adding cost and risk to the validity of the data and delaying product approval.  In this presentation using findings from logic regression analysis of loss to follow-up of a patient survey using the Diabetes Health Profile (DHP), we will discuss how DHP scores in combination with health-related problems and other contextual factors may provide unique insights to risk profiling of patient retention in a clinical trial. We will explore the challenges of developing such a model and demonstrate using the principles from behavioural economics, how knowledge of these factors can be optimised to influence patient retention in a clinical trial.

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Categories: Diabetes Health Profile, Patient reported experience

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