Join our Diabetes Profile Care Programme User Network

Diabetes Profile Care Programme

Diabetes Profile Care Programme

As reported in our earlier posts DHP Research has recently devised and introduced the Diabetes Profile Care Programme™ The first diabetes-specific holistic assessment tool that puts people with diabetes at the centre of their care and help care providers implement tailor made interventions that meet the emotional and behavioural needs of people with diabetes.

We are looking for health care professionals to be an active Diabetes Profile Care Programme user and become a  member of the Diabetes Care Profile Programme Network.



Some key facts about the Diabetes Profile Care Programme

  • Understand how well you understand your patient needs relative to their own reports
  • Identify patient needs not being met
  • Provide customised support based on individual patient presentation
  • Monitor outcomes and evaluate effectiveness of patient support programmes and other care interventions
  • Patients get a clearer understanding of their emotional needs and priorities
  • Patients actively involved in the management of their diabetes and improvement of  quality of life and well-being
  • Monitor changes in patient needs and well-being

What does this mean?

To be a user we would like you register as a user and administer the Diabetes Profile Care Programme to at least six-people with diabetes and feedback your perceptions of the process e.g. how did the patient find completing the programme and how useful was the patient’s report to you etc?  Pilot and validation protocols are available if required.

It’s still early days but, we envisage the network to be a forum for discussion around the assessment of diabetes on the individual using the Diabetes Profile Care Programme as well as a support mechanism for users.

If you are interested and would like to register as a user please complete the form below.

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