Launch of HealthSurveySolutions

HealthSurveySolutions-logo-(RGB)-STuesday 22nd July DHP Research will launch HealthSurveySolutions an additional and unique service offering a number of levels of support on health survey questionnaire development, evaluation and testing.

Level 1: Is the design and development of a fully psychometrically validated questionnaire which includes concept elicitation, establishing content validity, item evaluation and field testing.

Level 2: Should the client’s requirements be less stringent than for Level 1, it is still essential that the questionnaire has been designed to ask the right questions, avoid respondents becoming annoyed by badly phrased or irrelevant questions or missing or misinterpreting the questions.

Our level 2 support includes: clarifying the objectives of the survey, developing the questionnaire content and designing the questionnaire layout and finally, evaluating the content using cognitive briefing through to finalising the content and design.

Level 3 support is our Questionnaire Consulting service for those clients who:

  • have yet to design the survey questionnaire, but would like some advice before starting.
  • Have already designed their survey questionnaire, but would like to have it expertly reviewed before the survey.

The 22nd July will also see the launch of the HealthsurveySolutions website which includes apart from full details on our services:

  • A short tutorial on the questionnaire design process
  • Tips on survey and questionnaire design
  • Access to ebooks, presentations and journal articles
  • Our latest blog posts

Why not call us now on 01295 724233, email for more information.

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