Do you know enough about questionnaire design to use DIY online survey software?

It’s not unusual when visiting the websites of DIY questionnaire design software to  be assured developing your questionnaire and getting it online can be done in minutes amongst a range of other marketing talk.

Of course they are right. you can create and field your survey in minutes. So nothing wrong there. They are not saying anything that’s not true. But what about you?

Are you sure you know enough about questionnaire design that you are confident you are collecting reliable and unbiased information?

Questionnaire design is a skill needed to ensure you ask the right questions, provide the correct responses and above all, the questions are not biased.

Let’s do a simple test.

Would this question be suitable for fielding in a survey to find out the level of perceived helpfulness of your local GP practice?


Q. On your last visit to see your doctor, how would you rate the helpfulness of the receptionist and doctor?

Very helpful  –  Fairly helpful  –  Don’t know  –  Fairly unhelpful  –  Very unhelpful


If you answered “No” well done.

How could the patient fully answer if the receptionist was very ‘helpful’ but’ the GP was ‘fairly unhelpful’

Of course there are other issues with the question but, not for discussion now.

Obvious to the trained eye but, believe me a very common error.

So you can have all the technology, but it really does come down to knowing how to develop the questions, ask  the right questions, provide the right response options and encourage respondent to complete the survey.

If you use survey software like SurveyMonkey, Polldaddy etc. then attend our FREE workshop on 22nd October and learn more on how you can be sure you are collecting the information you want from your survey.

10:00 – 12:00

Bloxham Mill Business Centre


Oxon OX15 4FF

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