As a HEOR vendor are you using online surveys for pricing and market access or defining and understanding value propositions etc?

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Are you using online or paper questionnaires for:

  • pricing and market access?
  • defining and understanding value propositions?
  • optimising product value?
  • policy development?
  • satisfaction surveys?

If the answer is “yes” do you or your team have the expertise to appreciate the pitfalls and the impact of wording, structure, and response options on interpretability and understanding of survey questionnaires can have on your survey findings and insightful decision making?

While online survey platforms can offer the opportunity to quickly design and field a survey that provides actionable insights, this will not always be the case.

Questionnaire design is both an art and science and the typical errors made by the non-expert include:

  • Undefined survey objectives
  • Complicated wording and use of jargon
  • Ambiguous wording
  • Biased and loaded wording
  • Asking two questions in one
  • Using the wrong types of question and response options

It was not possible to find online examples of pricing and…

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