With autumn now here now is the time to think about your research training needs and skills developmentDHP Training health-related research. Below you will find the links to our forthcoming workshops for the next few months.


 For example, to get the best out of your online survey How to design your web based survey questionnaire will help you avoid the many pitfalls, biases and mistakes that bedevil may online surveys.


 If you are planning to design a survey questionnaire, you should consider our workshop A Checklist for successful questionnaire design and learn what you need to do before starting as well as the do’s and don’ts of questionnaire design to ensure you get good response rates and reliable and complete data.


 Development and use of patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) is now an integral part of clinical trials and patient care. If you are in involved in the selection of PROMs, consider our Introduction to Patient Reported Outcome Measures that will provide you with a good understanding of what you should look for in the selection process. In addition for those involved in the development of PROMs then our workshop Cognitive Interviewing in the development and evaluation of PRO measures will provide you with a thorough and practical grounding in cognitive interviewing skills, including the different types of interviewing techniques, planning the interviews, conducting the interviews and analysis and reporting the findings.


If it’s training in qualitative research you are looking for then check out our Getting the most from your patient interviews and focus groups which focuses on the core principles of undertaking face-to-face interviews and focus groups.


Patient participation is now an essential requirement for improving care. An increasingly used method to explore patient and carer needs is the Discovery Interview where patient and carer stories can provide a deeper insight as to how care can be improved. Our Planning and conducting Discovery Interviews workshop will provide you with the practical knowledge on all stages of the interview process.


Remember, we also provide bespoke workshops delivered at a location convenient to the client that has been developed specifically to meet individual client needs.


Why not be the best through what you choose.


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