How to get responses to your online survey in less than five-minutes

How long are your patient/carer surveys? Are you getting low response rates? Are you using SurveyMonkey? Have you thought about fielding a micro survey?

A micro survey is a short form of a questionnaire with less than 5 questions taking the respondent a minute or two to answer.

Although the number of questions and the length of a micro survey vary, the common theme is that the survey is extremely short. Short to construct and short to complete for the survey taker.

stopwatch 2A key advantage of a micro survey is that you can get a much higher response to the most important questions in contrast to the full survey.

You can then carry out a more in depth follow-up survey of respondents who have answered in a particular way.

Other benefits of a micro survey include quick turnaround times providing actionable feedback in a timely fashion.

In summary the advantages of a micro survey are:

  • Higher response rate
  • Higher engagement
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • More questions answered.

If you would like more information on how to construct a micro survey for your next survey why not contact us now.

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