An essential step in the development and evaluation of your patient reported outcome

questreview pic 1Psychometric evaluation of patient reported outcomes (PRO) is a critical part of the developmental process to ensure the measure provides valid and reliable information. However, rarely are the issues of PRO design best practice discussed in the context of respondents’ mental processes of completing a PRO.

Questionnaire design is an essential element of PRO development and no amount of psychometric manipulation will overcome a poorly designed PRO.

To ensure your PRO meets key design criteria prior to psychometric testing, QuesTReviewTM  uses our proprietary QuestAnalyzerTM diagnostic test to benchmark your PRO against 20 key parameters of good questionnaire design.

Grounded in recognised psychological and behavioural models of how respondents complete survey questionnaires QuesTReviewTM provides both quantitative and qualitative feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your PRO including, a traffic light rating across a range of design parameters and a 1-to-5 Star rating to predict how successful your PRO will be in providing reliable and insightful information.

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Categories: Patient reported outcomes, Questionnaire design


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