The QuesTReviewTM service from DHP Research, in association with the Clinical Outcomes team at Oxford University Innovation, has been launched.

Patient–focused outcome measurement development in clinical trials with QuesTReviewTMUK-based health outcomes consultancy DHP Research (in association with the Clinical Outcomes team at Oxford University Innovation) announced the formal launch of their QuesTReviewTM service.

QuesTReview™ is an expert review, diagnostic test developed to evaluate the usability of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COA) measures as part of their development and selection process.

Dr Keith Meadows, founder of DHP Research, COA instrument developer of the Diabetes Health Profile and author of QuesTReviewTM said:

‘Establishing the measurement properties of a COA instrument is an essential requirement in its development. Following good practice in the design of a questionnaire is also a critical component in early stage development, in order to ensure that resulting data is both reliable and valid. Nevertheless, following good practice in questionnaire design is rarely or never reported in the development process, or included in the selection criteria of a COA measure.’ 

QuesTReviewTM enables COA researchers and clinical trialists to gauge the usability of the COA based on the quantitative and comprehensive qualitative expert review feedback resulting from a process of benchmarking the COA measure against key parameters of questionnaire design good practice.

Dr Meadows added:

‘QuesTReviewTM delivers distinct advantages over other methodologies. First, expert review is far more efficient in terms of time and budget than expensive cognitive debriefing and field testing. Secondly, it enables any design issues to be addressed at an early stage, prior to any psychometric evaluation. Thirdly, QuesTReview identifies design issues, such as question positioning, which can impact on the quality of data collected, but will not necessarily be identified during cognitive debriefing or reflected in the measurement properties of the COA measure.’

Dr David Churchman Business Lead for Clinical Outcomes, Oxford University Innovation Ltd said:

‘At Clinical Outcomes, at Oxford University innovation, we realise the quality of the portfolio of COA measures we manage and appreciate the expertise that has been invested into developing them. So being able to assist others in the development of high quality COA measures through the QuesTReview™ service is a valued addition to our specialist service offering’.

questreviewcontactThose seeking further information on QuesTReview™ should contact the Clinical Outcomes team at Oxford University Innovation.


T: +44 (0)1865 614417

 About Clinical Outcomes at Oxford University Innovation.

Clinical Outcomes is an activity within Oxford University Innovation Limited, the Technology Transfer Company for the University of Oxford. Clinical Outcomes is dedicated to the provision and support in the use of high quality Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) measures (mainly Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Measures (or sometimes referred to as PROMs) to the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare providers, academia and medical device manufacturers.

Clinical Outcomes provides copyright licenses and COA support services including new instrument development and validation, translation and linguistic validation, and e-platform migration, to our customers. For further information, please contact Clinical Outcomes at

About DHP Research & Consultancy Ltd.

DHP Research & Consultancy Ltd is a provider of expert research and training support for the healthcare professional and researcher with over thirty years experience. They specialise in gaining access to people’s experiences of their health, health outcomes and the delivery of healthcare.

Their support ranges from evaluation and designing your next survey questionnaire, undertaking in-depth interviews, focus groups, qualitative data analysis through to data visualisation.

How to contact DHP Research

T: +44 (0)1295 724233


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